Jeremey DuVall

Team lead, Happiness Engineer, Aspiring JavaScript Developer, Tireless tinkerer. I’m usually lost in a good book or in the mountains (preferably both).

I'm a Happiness Team Lead at Automattic, the parent company behind, and aspiring JavaScript developer. I also co-founded a 501(c)3 nonprofit called Drink for Pink. I live in Denver, Colorado with my amazing wife and our dog and cat. I've never met a piece of carrot cake I didn’t like.

We're a bit crazy!

During the day, I lead a team of Happiness Engineers to create the best possible experience over on That includes things like one-on-ones, project management, and overall planning for the organization.

During early mornings and late nights, I'm often hacking away on JavaScript, mainly with React and Redux although I'm beginning to dabble a bit in PHP. I primarily work on Calypso, the open source front-end of I've published a few projects, with many more on the way over the next several months. My ultimate goal is to move into a JavaScript developer role in the upcoming year.

I write, speak, and read about leadership, learning, and self-improvement. My main goal is to share what I'm learning and hopefully improve the lives of those around me.

Once a month, I send out a newsletter filled with interesting books, articles, videos, and ideas I’ve found. I call it "If we grabbed coffee…" because it's just that; this is the stuff I share with my closest friends over drinks. If you're curious, you can sign up here.

  In a past life, I worked as a freelance writer focused on sharing sound science through stories. I've published words in various publications like The Next Web, Huffington Post, and CNN. Currently, my writing is exclusively focused here on the blog.