Perennial Seller: Making and Marketing Work that Lasts

Rating: 5/5

In Perennial Seller, author Ryan Holiday provides a comprehensive review of the work required to make art that stands the test of time. From idea generation to writing to marketing the art, he covers time-tested strategies from art, music, and publishing. I thoroughly enjoy Holiday’s writing style. I’ve read his other books Trust Me, I’m Lying, The Obstacle is the Way, and Ego is the Enemy. This book is no different. I took away countless suggestions that I’m looking forward to implementing in my own work.

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Ego Is the Enemy

Rating: 4.5/5

I’m a big fan of Ryan’s other books The Obstacle is the Way and Trust Me, I’m Lying. I thought Ego Is the Enemy was equally great. I listened to it on audiobook and came away with plenty of solid takeaways. Ryan provides great reminders of how ego gets in the way and why we need to constantly challenge our ego to produce great work. I’ll likely listen to this again (and I plan on ordering a physical copy) to reread on a regular basis.

Reading Notes

The Obstacle is the Way

The book is largely based on the philosophy of Stoicism, which is a practice of deep reflection, emotion regulation, and focused action used to appreciate, benefit, and dominate the world around you. Holiday draws on examples from famous historic figures like Ulysses S. Grant and George Washington. He references the work of Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus. In each case, Holiday is helping readers to understand how even the most horrid of situations can be flipped to become an advantage.