Rating: 3.5

Shane defines shortcuts as avenues for rapid, short-term gains (often at the expense of others). He contrasts that to “smartcuts,” which can be thought of as “shortcuts with integrity” and “sustainable success achieved quickly through smart work.” In his book Smartcuts, Shane breaks down a three-part system with a total of nine tactics used by others to achieve success in a shortened amount of time. Shane embodies much of the writing style I’ve come to love – science and storytelling combined. However, the one element this book lacks, which is present in someone like Dan Pink, are neatly formed takeaways for the reader – think the exercises Dan provides in between chapters at inĀ To Sell is Human. Shane leaves it up to the reader to apply the lessons learned in the book, which can work, but I feel some may come away from this book with a bunch of stories and fail to apply the underlying principles.

Reading Notes