Adding a Widget Area After the Post

Astute readers will have noticed that I recently changed themes on my personal site. I’ve been on a Genesis theme for the past several years. I love the folks over at StudioPress, and I still use their themes on other sites of mine. For my personal site though, I wanted to make a little switch so I picked up a free theme by Array Themes.

One of the aspects I loved so much about Genesis themes was how simple they made it to add in extra bits like an email subscription box after the post. If you’re curious, here’s exactly how you do it. They bake in genesis-after-entry-widget-area directly so you don’t have to do much else with your theme. You just declare support like this:

add_theme_support( 'genesis-after-entry-widget-area' );

And boom – you have a footer widget area after the post.

The Array themes don’t do that so you have to go out on your own a bit and figure it out. I recently added a widget area after my posts so I thought I would share how in case anyone else is wondering.

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