Howdy, I’m Jeremey DuVall

I work at Automattic trying to build a better web and supporting publishers as part of our VIP team. I live in Denver, Colorado with my wife and our new son. I’m a big fitness nerd and book lover, and I’m constantly on the hunt for great carrot cake.

In a past life, I was a freelance writer and personal trainer. I’m still pretty involved in fitness now. I’m a part owner of CrossFit Undeniable in Westminster, Colorado, where our mission is to build an awesome community of strong people.

If you’re interested in reading some of my favorite blog posts I’ve written, I would recommend starting with these:

I blog here about things I’m interested in, which may include business, fitness, WordPress, development, and personal items here and there.

If you’re looking to find me elsewhere on the web, check here: