Hour of Code 2017 and Beyond

I realize I’m a late on the ball with this one, but I thought I would share it in case some folks wanted to get involved. This past week (December 4-10) was Hour of Code week hosted by Code.org. It’s a worldwide event where millions of students across 180+ countries work through activities related to code and technology.

Hour of Code.jpeg

They have hundreds of potential (free) activities kids can work through here involving games like Minecraft, Star Wars, etc. I was late on the ball this year (I learned about it through reading AVC), but I just signed up to be a tech volunteer at some point during the year or during next year’s Hour of Code. If you work in tech in any way, I’d highly suggest signing up to be a volunteer. It’s a great way to influence and teach the future generation.

This hits a bit closer to home this year as we’re preparing to have our first little one in early next year. I don’t think that every young kid needs to become a computer scientist. We don’t need 100% computer science majors in colleges. On the flip side, kids do need to be familiar with technology especially as it becomes ever more prevalent in our society. Hour of Code is a great way to introduce young kids to code in a way that is fun and encourages them to learn more.

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