Monthly Review: February 2016

I publish a monthly review of habits, work, etc. You’ll be able to find them all here.

February was a fun month for several reasons. Multiple good friends came out to visit. My wife and I got several days of skiing in. We joined a CrossFit gym, which has been amazing. I was able to tackle some difficult code problems and gain confidence working in React. Drink for Pink was approved as a 501(c)3 nonprofit by the IRS. All great stuff! Full recap of goals, books, habits, etc below.

What were my goals for January?

Grade: 3/4

Success: Finish up the React JS course on Udemy.

Done! The last little bit here was a slog to be sure. I’m a huge advocate for online learning courses, but at some point, I get antsy and just want to do the damn thing instead of hearing someone talk about it. The course was valuable, but ultimately, I learn through doing, which is why most of my focus is on completing projects and contributing to Calypso.

Fail: Complete Theodoro.

I’ll take the fail here. The clock component took a bit longer to setup than originally anticipated (will detail that in the write-up—clearing the interval was a bugger). That’s finally working now, and I have the basics done. The last step really is to wire up the todo items and get the buttons functioning correctly. It’s not going to look great, but it’s been an awesome learning experience. All the code for that is up here.

Success: Read 3 books.

I didn’t spend nearly as much time reading this month as I did back in January, but I still hit my goal of three books (listed below). According to Momentum, I completed my 25-pages-a-day habit 17 times out of the available 29 in February (59%)—not terrible.

Success: Complete 4 pull requests to Calypso.

I had a total of 5 PRs in February. You can check them all out here. A few were very minor (updating links), but some were a bit more involved. Overall, I’m much more comfortable working in Calypso (file structure, setup, etc), and I now have solid understanding of React lifecycle methods and Git topics like rebasing. I’m far from a pro, but I’m at least novice level.

What habit did I focus on?

For February, I focused on learning Spanish through Duolingo. I checked off that habit (habit being completing two lessons) a total of 16 times (goal of 16). Success! According to the app, I’m now 7% fluent in Spanish, which sounds like a stretch. I’ve really enjoyed it though. It provides a nice break from coding, which has been my learning focus for roughly a year.


Just adorbs!


I continued on the “How can I be successful in work?” train in February with these three reads:

For March


  • 4 blog posts (every Thursday)
  • 3 “If we got coffee…” newsletters (every other Tuesday)
  • 5 PRs to Calypso
  • 3 books
  • Theodoro project and recap post completed


I want to focus February again on practicing Spanish with Duolingo. I’m really enjoying the process so far. I need another month under my belt before I’ll feel like this really has become a habit. My goal is to hit 20 out of the available 31 days in March.

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