Monthly Review: July 2017

I publish a monthly review of habits, work, etc. You’ll be able to find them all here.

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Some awesome things happened in July! First, we travelled to Banner Elk, North Carolina for a wedding. We were able to get some hiking in around the mountains while we were up there. It’s an absolutely gorgeous part of the country. Glad I was able to get back there!

Second, I completed my first GoRuck Tough event over the Fourth of July. It was tough indeed but a great experience all around. I’m already looking forward to the next one (perhaps doing the GoRuck Heavy—24 hours!).

Third, I met Lance Armstrong on the streets of Boulder while he was gearing up to do a recording of his Stages podcast. I’m a big Lance Armstrong fan so it was a pretty cool experience. He’s a really nice guy, and his podcast is worth listening to.

Here’s a full recap of the books, habits, etc that I tackled in July along with what’s up next for August.

Goal Recap for July

I only completed 1/4 goals for the month, but I made progress on two more.

✖️ Complete Wes Bos’ ES6 course.

I failed here. I decided to spend my mornings reading and writing instead of focusing on the ES6 course. I do want to complete this at some point, but I’m having trouble staying hooked. I found his React course much more addicting.

✔️ Read three books. I’m trying to make this my monthly cadence.

Done! I was actually able to read six total books during the month. More on that below. My goal for the year was to read 40 books, and I’m finally catching back up to pace.

✖️ Six pull requests to Calypso.

I fell short here as well. I finished up with three pull requests. Not too bad, but I didn’t quite hit my goal. Lack of focus really contributed here. I had plenty of time to get it done, but I chose to focus on other things instead.

✖️ Publish four blog posts. One a week. Every Thursday.

I missed one Thursday during the month while we were traveling. I still finished up with three blog posts though including one on Radical Candor, another on kickstarting a feedback culture, and a third on personal growth.

What did I read?

I finished six books in July, many I would recommend. Here’s the full list:

Of all the books from July, Perennial Seller was probably my favorite. Holiday has this unique style of pulling real world stories along with historical events and creating tangible takeaways for the reader. I strive to emulate that style of writing.

Up ahead, I’m going to read The Long Tail by Anderson, The Campaigns of Alexander, Lenin on a Train by Merridale, The 48 Laws of Power by Greene, and War of Art by Pressfield.

Goals for July

I’m going to aim for a 70% completion rate this next month. Here’s what I’m aiming for including some newer types of goals (freelancing) that I haven’t really talked about in a long time.

  • Read three books. You’ll notice that many of my books are historical in nature. I was never big into history, but I’m getting more interested in past presidents and world leaders.
  • Write two freelance pieces in August. I haven’t freelanced for a publication in at least a year. I’m going to dip my toe back in the water (writing more about leadership and less content marketing) to see if I can juggle it with my current responsibilities. Ideally, I think 2-3 pieces a month is entirely feasible.
  • Write five blog posts here on my personal blog. Again, that’s publishing something new every Thursday.

I’ll keep it at three main personal goals for the month. Short, simple, and hopefully impactful if I’m able to get them all done.

Featured image is from the Mile High Swinging Bridge at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

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