Monthly Review: June 2017

I publish a monthly review of habits, work, etc. You’ll be able to find them all here.

June was a pretty kickass month. Summer in Colorado is in full swing meaning we have some nice temps and little rain. It’s very tempting to spend all day every day outside in the sunshine by the pool or in the mountains. Here’s a snippet of my June highlights:

  • My wife and I took a trip up to Breckenridge with some family in town. We went on a short hike on an absolutely gorgeous day.
  • I completed Ragnar Trail Snowmass and my first GoRuck Tough event. Lack of sleep pervaded both events!
  • I traveled to San Francisco for a few days of learning at the True University.

I’m looking forward to July as we have a vacation planned to North Carolina and more friends visiting.

Here’s the full breakdown of books, goals, etc from the month of June and what I’m working on in July.

Goal Recap From June

✖️ Make progress on the Treehouse PHP course

I haven’t made any progress on these mainly because I’ve been working on other items. Any code-related time I have is spent on JavaScript-related projects so PHP has been set aside.

✖️ Complete Wes Bos’ ES6 course (#)

Similar to above, I wasn’t able to complete this course although I did make some progress. I’ll finish it up this month.

✔️ Read 3 books

Done! You can see a full list of the books I read and the ratings below. Three a month (1 audio/2 physical) is a pretty good cadence for me.

✖️ 8 pull requests to Calypso

I only managed three this past month. On one hand, I’m disappointed in the total volume of work I completed. On the other hand, I’m happy with the issues I was able to solve. I’m particularly excited about introducing a word count to our editor (#). I learned quite a bit about unit tests in JavaScript through that work.

✔️ Publish 5 blog posts here on the personal blog

Done! I started the beginning of the month posting virtually every day. Towards the end of the month, I tapered off to a once a week, longer form schedule, which I enjoy more. I’ll continue that throughout July. My favorite thing I wrote in June was about writing your own eulogy.

What did I read?

The Undoing Project was fantastic if you’re familiar with the work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. It was great to read up on the backstory behind their work. Michael Lewis is a fantastic writer so you know Moneyball is going to deliver. Derek Sivers’ Anything You Want is short and powerful.

Up this month, I’m going to finish The Black Swan by Taleb, One Mission by Fussell, and Radical Candor by Scott.


Here’s a look at my homescreen for June:

A screenshot of my iPhone homescreen for June 2017


Goals For July

As I mentioned at the start, July has a bit of vacation time built in, but I should be able to make some solid progress with code-related work. Here’s a rundown of what I’m hoping to accomplish throughout the month.

  • Complete Wes Bos’ ES6 course (#). I’m going to block out some mornings to work on this each week.
  • Read 3 books. I’m trying to make this my monthly cadence.
  • 6 pull requests to Calypso. That’s between 1-2 a week, which is totally doable even if I’m tackling larger items.
  • Publish 4 blog posts. One a week. Every Thursday. Some posts I’m looking to get out this month: A follow-up to this post all about giving feedback and a look at the various ways to motivate teams.

Photo by me during our trip to Breckenridge this past month.

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    1. Thanks! No big reason for the homescreen. I’m just a nerd, and I like seeing what apps everyone else is using. Figured it would be helpful to show what I’m using as well.

  1. My home screen rarely changes so it doesn’t make sense for me to post it but maybe if I could find out my most used apps or something like that it might be cool to mock one up or something like that.

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