Monthly Review: March 2016

How in the world did March fly by so quickly? There were a lot of areas where I fell short including some habits I was focused on. Despite those shortcomings, it was still a great month. We were able to get in a good amount of skiing as the season comes to a close. Workouts were solid. We indulged in some great food during Restaurant Week here in Denver. So many awesome things!

What were my goals for March?

Turns out I may have been just a tad ambitious.

Grade: 0/5

Fail: 4 blog posts (every Thursday)

There’s not much to say here other than I fell far short. I only published one blog post here (I published another on Drink for Pink). I’m struggling to balance writing with coding. I’m finding that I really really enjoy coding more at the moment so it’s tough to pull myself away to write words instead of functions.

I’m going to look at doing two things this month to get back on track. First, I’m going to change the layout of the blog here to a default theme. The current setup was mainly useful when I was freelancing and wanted to showcase my work. Second, I’m going to share shorter posts based on what I’m reading/watching/learning instead of imagining each blog post has to be this huge, perfect creation.

Fail: 3 “If we got coffee…” newsletters (every other Tuesday)

I failed here for many of the same reasons mentioned above. It’s just hard to find time to write words instead of code. Also, since I parted ways with Twitter, I’m honestly not coming across as many interesting things nowadays. Most of my reading material comes from Versioning (the one newsletter I read) and a small group of blogs. This is an issue I haven’t really figured out to solve—finding interesting stuff without Twitter.

Fail: 5 PRs to Calypso

I fell two short here. I was able to fix a quick issue with inviting new users to a site, make a quick CSS fix, and update some support URLs around All of those changes were still pretty quick though. I dug into a couple more complex issues, but I wasn’t able to get them resolved. On the plus side, I learned a lot about Redux this month!

Fail: 3 books

This was a bit frustrating. I did finish one, but then I got stuck on a few that I just couldn’t get through. I ended up dumping them and starting in on The Coaching Habit and Predictably Irrational, which are more my style.

Fail: Theodoro project and recap post completed

Wow—another area where I fell short. Simply put, I ended up spending all coding time looking into Calypso things. It’s difficult to rationalize putting energy into something small like Theodoro when I could contribute to a larger project like Calypso instead. Ultimately, I do want to get this launched so I can practice using Redux and creating stateless components. It’s just something that got put on the backburner.

What habit did I focus on?

Practicing Español! Since I fell short on everything above, I actually decided to put this to the side and narrow my focus even more on a few select items. It was ambitious to think I could tackle a second language while also juggling all of these other balls and still have a few minutes each day to relax. Something had to go, and that something was learning Spanish!



March Homescreen.jpg
Checking out the new NPR One app. Enjoying it so far! Tucker almost made it into the picture.


Not a great month of reading! I did finish one though.

For April

I’m going to try to taper things down this month into a much more manageable list.


  • 6 PRs to Calypso
  • Publish 4 blog posts
  • Read 3 books


  • Staying off my computer on the weekends. This is a focus area for 2016. I started out the year strong, but I’ve begun to fall into bad habits again. In April, I want to get back on track, which will require more advanced planning of my week.

Photo: Shot from Loveland during a ski day last month

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