Monthly Review: November 2015

I publish a monthly review of habits, work, etc. You’ll be able to find them all here.

November was a bit of a rollercoaster. There were days where I felt like I really had everything under control and others where I was scrambling to get things done. I felt like I really nailed down a routine towards the end of the month that I’ll be sharing more about soon.

What were my goals for October?

Grade: 2.5/4

Fail: Launch the interview/resume-related project.

I really don’t have a good excuse here. I just became uninterested in the project. Other things like contributiong to Calypso and studying React JS took up my attention. I have a really hard time staying focused on projects and seeing them through to completion.

Semi-Fail: Publish 12 total blog posts here on my personal blog and 4 code challenges.

I ended up publishing one blog post and four code challenges. I really had a hard time putting my fingers on the keyboard and writing. Every time I had time to write, I spent time coding instead.

Success: Finish the Full-Stack Treehouse course and Ember.js

Finally, a success! I finished up the Full-Stack course pretty early in the month, and the Ember course was pretty quick. Ember is really powerful. Looking forward to potentailly diving in more in the future. For now, it’s all about React. Just started a Udemy course on React as a matter of fact.

Success: Publish two freelance pieces.

I had a piece on side projects go up on the Todoist blog and finished up another longer piece for Zapier that has yet to be published.

What habit did I focus on?

My habit for the month was meditation, but regretfully, I did terrible. In fact, I only meditated a total of seven times. On the plus side, I’ve meditated every day in December (on a six day streak in December and ten days overall). I’ll be focusing on this throughout December as well. It’s proven to be an important piece of a productive day for me.




For December


  • Finish up the React JS course on Udemy
  • Publish 8 blogs posts (tempering myself a bit)
  • Publish 4 code challenges (moving them to a new post format outside of my normal feed)
  • Read 3 books (spending some time off the computer reading)
  • Complete 8 pull requests to Calypso (admittedly small)


  • Meditation: I’m hoping to continue my streak all the way through December.

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5 thoughts on “Monthly Review: November 2015

  1. Hi Jeremy, I’ve just discovered your blog after reading Simon Ouderkirk’s post:

    I’ve been using to build my daily meditation habit – it’s really working well for me with 94 daily sessions completed so far!

    I’m currently getting ready to re-apply for a Happiness Engineer position at Automattic. I made it to the project stage last summer, but not the trial.

    I’m love the new WordPress app BTW, I see a JavaScript course in my future!

      1. Thanks Jeremey!
        I think its all down to finding what works for you personally. If I miss a session in the morning, I don’t beat myself up about it. How are you finding the Calm app?

        1. I’m still doing 5 minutes of free meditation a day, and it’s working well for that. I have been through Headspace as well. I just enjoy the free meditation piece in Calm a bit more.

          1. I understand that! The guided meditations were good for me to get started. Now, I’m using Headspace Pro on subscription, which is scaling back the guidance gradually. I started to find the prompts a little annoying after a while.

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