Monthly Review: October 2016

I publish a monthly review of habits, work, etc. You’ll be able to find them all here.

October starts my favorite time of year. We’ve had a relatively warm October thus far, but I still had my fair share of pumpkin everything (beers, lattes, Halloween, etc). October was also filled with some amazing Drink for Pink events and a quick trip to Chicago, which made for a pretty busy month. I was still able to hit 2/3 of my goals and make great progress on the habit I focused on.

Goal Recap From October

✔️ Publish every weekday on my personal blog and 4x on Drink for Pink

Nailed it! I hit the mark with the Drink for Pink blog and as of today, I blogged every weekday here on my personal blog throughout the entire month.

Posting activity in October.

When I was in Chicago, my buddy Chuck asked about the ultimate purpose/goal of publishing everyday here. I don’t have ambitions of making it as a professional blogger (although it has been nice to see traffic increase with posting activity). I’ve noticed that writing here on a daily basis helps me stay curious. Writing forces me to read/digest/understand more. I’m going to continue this habit throughout November.

✔️ Read 3 books

Complete! I finished The Effective Executive just in the nick of time. See below for a full list.

✖️ Migrate Site Roles to Redux state in Calypso

I didn’t get a ton of coding time in this month which led to missing the mark here. It’s one of the main areas I want to address in November.

What habit did I focus on?

Shutdown by 5pm—100%.

I’m really happy with the amount of progress I made here over the past two months. I now have a hard stop at 4:00pm to end my day. I try to build in a shutdown process starting at 3:45pm, which doesn’t always happen. Still, I was done with work by 5pm every eligible day during October. Time to focus on something else!



Virtually the same as last month.


I finished three books in October:

Up this month, I’m listening to Shoe Dog by Phil Knight about the history of Nike and reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Switch by Dan and Chip Heath.

Time Spent Coding

5hr 36m

I didn’t get much solid coding time in this month, a real bummer. I haven’t done a great job at carving out time each week. I’m going to pick two lighter days during the week and block out two hour sections on each day for coding. I’m aiming for 20 total hours in the month of November.

Goals For November

Here’s what I’m focused on over the next month.

Goal: Publish every weekday on my personal blog

I’m going to stick with this as long as it doesn’t become a burden!

Goal: Read 3 books

This feels like a very sustainable pace particularly if I can listen to an audiobook while reading two physical books. See above for the full list.

Goal: 20 hours of coding

I track this using WakaTime. This is completely reasonable if I focus on it a bit each week.

Goal: Migrate Site Roles to Redux state in Calypso

I’m copying over this goal from October. I will get a pull request in for this in November. You can find the related issue on GitHub here. This pulls together everything I’ve been learning over the past several months about React and Redux.

Habit for November


I focused on this quite a bit towards the beginning of the year, but then I fell off the wagon. I’m going to shoot for 20 days of 5 minutes per day using the Calm app. Ideally, I’ll do this first thing in the morning.

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