What I’m doing now

I have a tendency to say “Yes” to far too many things leaving little time for the opportunities I want to pursue. I’m making a concerted effort to focus only on the most important things that will have the biggest impact in my life. Here’s what I’m currently working on now.

  • Excelling as a Team Lead at Automattic.
  • Raising $15,000 in 2017 for local cancer research with Drink for Pink.
  • Writing every week on leadership, learning, and self-improvement here and on a few select publications.
  • Book notes: I read 3-4 books a month and take detailed notes so others can benefit.

You’ll notice that many of my priorities are based around sharing knowledge with others. I recently read The Power of Habit, and I was struck by this quote:

Not sharing an opportunity to learn is a cardinal sin.

I couldn’t agree more. Sharing mistakes and learning opportunities can only make us stronger in the future.

This page was last updated August 2017. Inspired by Derek Sivers.