Using Node.js, I created a program run on the command line that accepts a zip code argument. Then, it does the following:

  1. Uses a GET request to the API
  2. Returns the latitude and longitude for the postal code provided
  3. Uses a second GET request to the API
  4. Returns the forecast summary for the given latitude and longitude
  5. Logs out the forecast to the command line

After downloading the project files and installing Node.js, you can run the program like this:

node request.js 33811

The program accepts an unlimited number of zip codes so you could run:

node request.js 33811 33803 80005 80301

You can see the full project files up on GitHub. I’ll walk through my thought processes and the challenges below.

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Interactive Quiz Application

Quiz Project

As part of the Treehouse Object-Oriented JavaScript course, I built an Interactive Quiz Application that builds a quiz with three questions and two answers, tracks a user’s progress throughout the quiz, and displays their score at the end of the quiz. The index.html and style.css files were provided at the start of the project, but I generated three JavaScript files to make it all come together. You can see the full project including HTML and CSS files on GitHub, but I wanted to walk through some of my thought processes here.

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Basic To-Do List

A title image featured a pen resting on a blank sheet of paper.

One of the projects in the Treehouse Front End Web Development course is to wire up a To-Do List using JavaScript. I was able to make the to-do list fully functional as well as add some additional drag-and-drop functionality using the Sortable jQuery plugin. The full project files are up on GitHub, but I wanted to walk through the JavaScript used to get this project up and going as well as my thought process behind some of the trickier areas.

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