By day, I work at Automattic. At nights and on weekends, I’m often pursuing other side projects whether they’re code-related (primarily React) or involve building a non-profit or growing a for-profit business. You can see examples of my personal side projects including current and past below.


CrossFit Undeniable

In February 2018, I became a part owner of CrossFit Undeniable in Westminster, Colorado. It provided a way to stay in touch with my fitness roots while also working on a physical business. I primarily work on marketing, finance, and business development.

Freelance Writing

I’ve been fortunate to write for various publications in the past and have my articles syndicated on major outlets like The Next Web, CNN, and the Huffington Post. I write 1-2 pieces per month in addition to my blog. Topics usually center around building better businesses and being better humans. Here are my favorite three pieces thus far:


Gatsby Photo

I’m currently putting together an Instagram clone using GatsbyJS and the API. It’s built using React with GraphQL queries. I’m blogging about the entire process including the design and components here.


Blockable is a calendar that helps you plan your day. It’s related to some concepts I picked up from Cal Newport in his book Deep Work. Create React App provided the initial setup. React and Redux form the backbone of the project. Component tests are written in Jest using bits of Chai and Enzyme (for expect and shallow respectively). React Big Calendar provides the full calendar for viewing (many thanks!). Flexbox made the CSS much easier to write for mobile views. The project is available live here.


Theodoro was a simple todo list and Pomodoro timer in one. I built it with React when I was first picking up the framework. It’s not perfect, and I’m sure there are some improvements I could make. The goal of the project was always to learn about React (with everyone’s first project—a todo list). At this point, I’ve gotten what I wanted out of the project so it’s time to put it out in the wild and move on. The code is available on GitHub here.

Drink for Pink

In 2015, I co-founded Drink for Pink with my friend and co-founder Alex Mozota. I left in 2018. Drink for Pink is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Denver. We partner with local organizations (mainly breweries) to raise money for breast cancer research. During my three years there, we raised over $30,000.