Fully Automattic – Joining the WordPress.com Family

I’m extremely happy to announce that I’m joining the Automattic team (the parent company of WordPress.com) as a Happiness Engineer starting on Monday, October 28th.

I couldn’t be more excited to join a team of passionate people that are helping to power a large portion of the web including many writers, designers, and creative folk. In fact, I didn’t know this until recently, but WordPress effectively powers close to 20% of the web. That’s pretty impressive in itself. To make matters more impressive, they accomplish this large reach even with a much smaller staff in comparison to other companies with a similar-sized audience:

Monthly Uniques (US) Employees
Google.com 196M 53,861
Facebook.com 140M 4,619
WordPress.com 130M 211
Amazon.com 79M 88,400
Yahoo.com 69M 11,700
eBay.com 68M 31,500
Aol.com 34M 5,660

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