Help Me Ship in 2016

A boat cruising through the water

Justin Jackson is quite possibly a mad man.

This week, I noticed he made a bold claim – he was going to launch 100 things in 2016.

Justin is no stranger to launching projects. He ran a podcast this year called Build and Launch, which detailed a new project he was working on and launching every week.

The best part about Justin’s new challenge – he invited everyone to join him in launching stuff in the new year. The result, the MegaMaker Challenge, already has over 120 participants.

I am one of those participants.

I’ll be doing a full recap of 2015 in a few days, but I¬†would label it “The Year of Growth.” Specifically, I learned an immense amount¬†about web development, leadership, and the nonprofit sector.

2016 will be my year to ship projects.

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