Moonwalking With Einstein

Moonwalking_with_einsteinAuthor: Joshua Foer
Title: Moonwalking With Einstein
Published: Mar 3, 2011

Moonwalking With Einstein is about Joshua’s adventure into the world of memory competitions. What started as an assignment to cover the memory championships ended up leading Joshua on a one year journey where he actually trained for and competed in the US Memory Championships himself.

Throughout the book, Joshua describes his interactions with the competitors and the training strategies that allowed him to improve his memory to the point where he could set the US record in speed cards memorizing a shuffled deck in a minute and forty-ish seconds.

The book also goes on to talk about memory training in general and how it’s a lost art as a result of many technological improvements that allow us to be reminded of things (like quotes from a book) at a later date. He delves into the history of memory including how it was used in ancient times and how basic techniques can be applied to everyday life.

Overall, I found the book to be incredibly interesting. While it definitely does cover a handful of specific ways to improve one’s memory, the underlying takeaway for me was that anything can be improved with the right type of practice.

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