We Should All Be a Bit Angry

A child yelling as he picks up a weight from the ground.

“I’m probably the angriest person here.”

That phrasing caught me by surprise. I was at dinner at the 2017 Automattic Grand Meetup in Whistler, BC. I was sitting next to one of the happiest and most enjoyable people I know.

This person went on to elaborate on what they meant. They weren’t angry about their current situation, the dinner, or anything else related to that particular point in time. Here’s a short list of things they were angry about:

  • Certain parts of the education system in the US
  • Gender gaps in tech
  • The lack of self-advocacy techniques shared with underrepresented groups (in and out of tech)

We overuse the term “passionate” to describe our various areas of interest. Passion implies a strong belief and an interest in learning more about a particular issue. Often times, passion stops there short of action, short of follow-through that changes the situation for others.

“Anger” is different. It implies something more than passion. Yes, you hold a strong belief about the issue. Yes, you want to learn more about it. But, anger doesn’t stop there. It goes a step farther – you’re actively working to change the game for everyone else.

Many would characterize themselves as passionate. Not many would say they’re angry.

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The way we think about charity is dead wrong

Working with Drink for Pink and Cancer League of Colorado has me thinking a lot about nonprofits, specifically about the lack of transparency into how the funds are spent. This video from Dan Pallotta captured a lot of my thoughts. I think nonprofits do need to be far more transparent in how the funds are allocated to earn back some public trust.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, I’m set to read Doing Good Better in December on the same kind of topic.

Kicking Off Another Year of Drink for Pink

Unless we’re Facebook friends, you might not be aware that I helped to start Drink for Pink, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based out of Denver, Colorado, in 2015. We partner with local breweries to raise money for local breast cancer research all within Colorado. Last year, we raised close to $5,000, and we’re hoping to double that amount this year.

Last night, we had our kickoff event at Rails End Beer Company. I’m always blown away by the amazing people that show up to support Drink for Pink at our events, but last night, I was fortunate to meet two amazing individuals that really exemplified why we’re even in existence.

First, I met a woman currently going through chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. I met her family currently going through the battle alongside her.

Second, I met a man that attended several of our events last year. In fact, during our October events in 2015, his sister was undergoing a double mastectomy to treat an early stage of breast cancer. Thankfully, she’s fine. He’s back to support us for a second year.

It was an honor to speak to those two individuals and know that we’re making an impact, a difference even in the tiniest possible sense.

We started Drink for Pink because we really believe that Average Janes and Joes can have a huge impact on the world if they combine their efforts. We believe that nonprofits can be run differently, in a fully transparent way where donors know exactly where their money is going.

I’m beyond excited to get this October started and see what kind of a difference we can make. If you’re in the Denver area, check out our events page and come see us. If you’re outside of Colorado, read more about our mission, like our Facebook page, and consider donating.