Drucker on an Effective Decision Process

Peter Drucker's The Effective Executive

I’m currently finishing up The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker. Those of you aware of my love for goal setting, decisions, and productivity won’t be surprised, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the read. Sure the text is a bit outdated, but the underlying principles are still sound and applicable. Drucker’s words have already inspired one post on managing time. This time around, I want to talk about the process he details for making an effective decision.

Drucker lays out five characteristics of an effective decision making process starting with deciding what problems warrant attention and ending with evaluation metrics.

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Getting the Right Things Done

I’m in the process of reading The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker. One of the main threads in the book is “Know Thy Time.” The point is simple—effective individuals understand where their time is going. More importantly, they understand where their time should be going and work to reconcile the delta between the two.

As I was reading the chapter, I realized I was doing well at the first part; I knew roughly where I was spending my time. I use Todoist to track tasks, a paper notebook for staying on top of appointments, and RescueTime to automatically log how long I spend on various apps/websites on my computer.

How do you take that next step though? How do you actually do anything with that information?

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