Tools I Use to Manage My Time

This week’s Support Driven writing challenge is all about productivity. The prompt: “What tools do you use to manage your tasks and time?”

I’m a productivity nerd. I’ll admit it. I spend far too much time reading books and blogs about various workflows and testing out different apps and trackers. I’m fully aware of the irony.

Over the last year or so, I’ve started to hit a groove though. I’ve stuck with the same tools for quite awhile now, and I feel pretty sane from day to day. I’m able to get a lot done while still staying inside the normal boundaries of a workday. Here’s the current setup I use to get everything done.

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My Winding Path to Customer Support

This is part of the 2016 Support Driven writing challenge. Here’s the prompt: “History: Our history shapes us — what path led you to Support? Was it a planned career? Or did you happen upon it?”

I just passed my three year anniversary at Automattic, which is crazy to think about. I remember applying in August of 2013. I sent off an email that I thought would land in a blackhole never to be read or answered. I remember joking in the email that I had the perfect PJs for working at home. I remember doing my final chat with Matt and receiving the offer letter.

If you would have asked me throughout college or grad school if I ever thought I would be working remotely for a tech company, I would’ve given you an emphatic “No.”

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