Building Team Camaraderie in a Remote Environment

A picture of Sparta, the team I work on at Automattic

I’m fortunate to work with a bunch of kickass individuals on a team at Automattic called Sparta. It’s semi-mandatory to own traditional Spartan garb; we pass around “This is Sparta” GIFs constantly; and we play the best game of Two Truths and a Lie you’ve ever heard.

We’ve been together in-person a total of two times since the team formed a year and a half ago in July 2015.

When we get together for a meetup, we get along. We laugh with one another. We have inside jokes. It’s hilariously fun.

When it’s time to work, we get stuff done. We share workloads across the team. We cover for one another. We have serious conversations. We agree. We disagree.

A colleague recently asked me how you build this kind of relationship remotely, one where everyone on the team supports one another and rows in the same direction. I don’t have the answer, but I can share how we’ve tried to go about it on Sparta from the start.

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