Tools I Use to Manage My Time

This week’s Support Driven writing challenge is all about productivity. The prompt: “What tools do you use to manage your tasks and time?”

I’m a productivity nerd. I’ll admit it. I spend far too much time reading books and blogs about various workflows and testing out different apps and trackers. I’m fully aware of the irony.

Over the last year or so, I’ve started to hit a groove though. I’ve stuck with the same tools for quite awhile now, and I feel pretty sane from day to day. I’m able to get a lot done while still staying inside the normal boundaries of a workday. Here’s the current setup I use to get everything done.

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This is How I Work

I’m a huge fan of the Lifehacker series “How I Work.” They interview everyone from photographers to entrepreneurs to chefs and beyond looking at their workspace, favorite apps, etc.

It’s highly unlikely that they ever come to me asking for an interview so I thought I would borrow their format and complete my own “How I Work” interview. Here it goes!

I would love to read yours. If you write your own, can you drop a comment here on this post so I can read it? Or, tweet at me (@jeremeyd).

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